Is your company a good place to work for mothers? How do you know?

We bring a mothers'-eye-view to your company and do a full review of your employment policies, work processes, and organizational culture to determine what message you're actually sending about the value of mothers in your group and whether how you measure productivity and engagement actually creates productivity and engagement, or alienates your best people.

If it's not a good place for mothers to work, what are the repercussions of that for your organization?

We'll look at the effects of your policies (both qualitatively and quantitatively) and figure out what you're losing currently and what you can gain by making simple changes that align with your organization's values.

What are the best changes to make, and when?

You may be ready to fix all the holes we find right away, or you may prefer a more gradual approach. We can assess which changes to make first that will have the maximum effect on retention of talent and increased engagement.

Let's talk.