your best employees employees and and keep them keep them engaged! engaged and productive

Mothers are the canaries in the coalmine.

If your policies, work processes, and culture aren't excellent for mothers, they aren't good for anyone. Focus on what helps you keep your best mothers, and you keep your best employees period.

We'll review your policies, work processes, and culture with you and tell you how to fill the gaps (and how much money you'll save by filling the gaps).

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We all want to be managed well.

You'll keep great people if you teach your managers to understand what their workers need to do great work. And then empower them to do it, with support.

We can teach your managers a system that gives them a regular stream of information about what their employees need to stay engaged. Data-driven management for super humans.

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Create an internal ecosystem of engagement

Remove distractions to help your employees stay engaged and stay with your company. Low turnover plus high engagement equals market-leading value.

Let us help you put together a plan to create the best policies, work processes and culture, along with seamless, data-driven management so your employees stay in the flow state.

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Review policies, work processes, and culture.

Is your company a good place to work for mothers? Whether you know you're losing women when they have children and want to stop the loss, or you know your company is doing well but suspect you could be doing better to retain better people, let us review your whole work ecosystem to find the gaps and make a plan for you to fill them.


Create mother-friendly policies and work processes for your growing company.

About to make the leap from a handful of people to a company that needs codified policies and procedures? Start out being able to retain the best talent by working with us to create the policies and processes that make the most sense for your specific company and maximize what you've already created. Spend the time now to do it right and you'll be reaping dividends for decades, in market competitiveness and company culture.


Help you set up a diversity, family friendly, or women's issues committee in your workplace.

We can give you best practices and structures for setting up an effective committee that creates the right kind of change in your organization.


Train your managers to increase employee engagement and department productivity.

Once you have great policies and work processes in place, and your culture is supportive, the next step is to make sure your managers are doing everything they can to keep their employees engaged and able to do excellent work. Recording/Interpreting/Solving Workflow Solutions (RISWS) is a simple, easy-to-implement reporting system that gives managers a constant stream of information from their employees about what's going on in all aspects of their work process, so the managers can remove distractions and barriers to engagement and excellence.